EuroThreads: How Thread Lifting has Become a Mainstay in the Medical Aesthetics Industry

April 26 15:51 2022
Introducing a nonsurgical, clinically tested aesthetic treatment with proven results for both the face and body.

Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, it is now possible to achieve a more youthful, natural, and rejuvenated appearance without going under the knife. Both men and women now have access to a variety of safe and effective thread-centric treatments that combat the signs of aging, improve skin quality and aid tissue engineering.

Today, thread lifting has become a mainstay in the medical aesthetics industry – with EuroThreads as its leading provider. Those who are invested in the world of anti-aging might know a thing or two about thread lifting. But for those who are unfamiliar with it, thread lifting is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed by licensed medical professionals.

EuroThreads are resorbable surgical sutures composed of biodegradable polymers. They are inserted subcutaneously instantly lifting, tightening and contouring areas suffering from the loss of volume while simultaneously stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. Immediately post treatment the lifting and tension effects are visible. Weeks later, a vast improvement in skin quality becomes apparent due to the increase of collagen production. Within eight weeks, the “Wow” factor occurs.

But what truly sets EuroThreads apart from its competitors is its innovative technology resulting in numerous patents, a unique philosophy in product usage and design, a specialized approach to clinical training and a luxury based contemporary marketing style.

“EuroThreads are today’s premier aesthetic alternative. Our clients demand quality and their patients expect superior results. So we don’t bring a thread to market until we have mastered it,” says the team behind the brand.

EuroThreads LLC has spent years testing the legitimacy and efficacy associated with PDO, PLLA and PCL polymers. Each polymer augments specific thread designs to produce ultimate treatment results. And current testimonials, from EuroThreads’ clients and patients have supported just that with claims that there’s no better thread on the market. It’s no wonder that the EuroThread lift has become one of the most distinguished anti-aging procedures that consistently garners attention from the global aesthetics industry.

For medical aesthetic providers interested in introducing threads into their practice, EuroThreads offers a large variety of threads and several options for specialized training on thread lifting.

Ask about this nonsurgical, minimally invasive option now. For more information about EuroThreads and thread lifting, check out their website at

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EuroThreads LLC is a medical device company recognized for its revolutionary aesthetic enhancement technology. Clinically-tested results provide practitioners the piece of mind to address their patients’ treatment needs with safe and effective aesthetic solutions.

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