Miro Kolesar announces the launch of MTX, the DeFi arm of the leading financial conglomerate

April 26 17:40 2022

Miro Kolesar, the CEO and Director of Metax which is a leading financial conglomerate has announced to enter into DeFi space with the launch of its upcoming exchange i.e. MTX. 


In the current world, financial institutions are one of the cornerstones of society, but modernization is required to keep pace with challenging and rapidly changing times. Keeping up with and exceeding changing customer demands, changing regulatory requirements, and addressing increasing cybersecurity risks while reducing costs will require a dramatic shift. Over the next 2-3 years, enhancing operational agility and flexibility will be the top priority for banks and financial institutions. By reshaping business models and promoting operational transformation, “extreme digitization” will become the core of future finance.

The rise of Defi Space

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one such modern age tech initiatice that strives to use blockchain and decentralized technologies combining them with modern-age finance  and in doing so creation an innovation in the financial landscape. This tech is increasingly getting popular and is renowned to be breaking the shackles of banks and borders to create a new Internet-native global financial ecosystem. Currently, DeFi has begun to reshape global finance, and projects developed based on this concept such as MakerDAO/DAI, Compound, and 0x have achieved substantial success. From stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, wallets to payment networks, loan and insurance platforms, key infrastructure development, marketplaces and investment institutions, there is no doubt that DeFi has now taken over the DApp ecosystem and has become a new trend in the blockchain world.

Introducing MTX, defi based exchange arm of the financial conglomerate Metax

MTX exchange, led by Miro Kolesar as CEO, is striving to revolutionize the financial landscape. Powered by modern-age technologies such as blockchain, tokenization and cryptography, the MTX Platform utilizes PAMM documentary trading system at its core, which combined with decentralized technology, makes it stand out among many competitors. The CEO Miro Kolesar present at the occasion said: “Today is a proud moment for us all at Metax. With the launch of MTX, we are entering into the era of financial decentralization and independence that is accessible for all, irrespective of their geographical constraints, gender or ethnicity. Possessing two major licenses of American MSB and Cayman Islands, our platform will leverage from contract asset management documentary, quantitative trading and joint market value.” 

The MTX Platform enjoys five core advantages: supervision by highly experienced leadership board, a top class analytics team comprising of leading analysts, strong historical performance, and a strong, AI and Machine Learning based intelligent trading PAMM system, and most importantly the industry’s first fund segregated trust and solid funding background. MTX Exchange has set the goal of being the first in the world since its establishment.

“Only the top One can survive”, Miro Kolesar is well aware that in today’s global economic integration, the competition in the financial industry has already been fierce, and those who fail to do their best will be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, the MTX Exchange focuses on the core of documentary trading.  It is supported by the resources and strength of METAX Group, and is ensured by applications such as public chains, DAOs, DeFi, wallets, quantitative funds, and digital asset management in the ecosystem. 

Discussing this, the CEO said “I am very optimistic and confident regarding the development of the MTX Exchange, which we believe will serve as the world’s first ever Defi based inclusive finance exchange, providing all users with the most diversified financial products and services. Our product suite is open and inclusive for all, irrespective of users geographical or other limitations. Join us in the vision and let us together make the world a more balanced and just place for masses.”  

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