Isatou Ceesay and Laxmi Agarwal bag The Golden Globe Honors 2022 for their Philanthropic effort

April 26 23:03 2022

Across the globe, female activists and philanthropists are committed to helping women stand up for themselves by promoting equality, and changing the world for the better. To help women emerge stronger than ever by breaking through the societal and environmental stereotypes such as acid attacks on women and inequality in the workplace. By leading successful women-led entrepreneurship ventures that can save the day.

The Golden Globe Honors Foundation, honors global women empowerment leaders from around the world, believing in the power of these strong-willed and extraordinary women with The Golden Globe Honors – Medallion of Solidarity and a Certificate of Honor in loving memory of Mother Teresa, who epitomizes solidarity. Making the honoree an Exclusive Big Heart Philanthropist of the Golden Globe Honors fellowship for the upliftment of global standards.

“There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” – Mother Teresa.

Living true to these words, knowingly or unknowingly, is Isatou Ceesay, a Gambian activist and social entrepreneur, known as the “Queen Of Recycling” across the globe. The initiator of the globally recognized recycling movement “One Plastic Bag In The Gambia” has been honored by the Golden Globe Honors Foundation for her humanitarian efforts to address the environmental impact of the rising unregulated waste disposal, specifically plastic, and also empowerment of women in a society which isn’t providing women the same opportunities as men.

Through this movement, she has educated thousands of women in the Gambia by helping them recycle plastic waste, and transform them into sellable products like purses, wallets, balls, and more, to help them earn a good source of income. The 1972-born Njau villager of Gambia, founded the Recycling Center of N’JAU along with four other women, in her native village located in Northern Gambia. To educate villagers on the benefits and importance of recycling waste. Today, the project has grown enormously and empowers women’s support and income.

1990-born, Indian acid attack survivor, TV host, and campaigner for the rights of acid attack victims, Laxmi Agarwal has also been honored by the Golden Globe Honors Foundation for her strenuous efforts. From campaigning for tackling the upsurge of acid attacks to raising petitions to regulate the sale of acid in the Supreme Court, she is helping acid attack survivors raise their voices, move their feet, and live their dreams. By being a tireless campaigner for fearless advocacy of gender-based violence and disfigurement victims.

The tremendously diligent woman has been working with exceptional courage and leadership that acid attack victims need. By helping them get peace, justice, gender equality, human rights, and especially women empowerment, all at personal risk. She also served as the former director of the NGO, Chhanv Foundation, which helps acid attack victims across India.

While Isatou Ceesay has been honored with many awards like the International Alliance For Women Difference Maker Award in Washington previously. Laxmi Agarwal was honored by the US first lady, Michelle Obama, with the 2014 Secretary Of State’s International Women Of Courage Award in Washington, D.C., the USA amongst other awards.

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