New Christ-centered online ministry Worldwide Publishers LLC is now offering 2 New affiliate programs

April 26 23:26 2022
The ministry is dedicated to helping others start an online parable ministry with their complete kit that allows for $1,000.00 or $2,000.00 affiliate commissions

This is how Christ taught his Gospel of the Kingdom through parable teachings claims the documentary producer quoting Mark 4:34 All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them:

Click below and hear when the word “Parables” appears in the Bible

He also claims those of truth can understand the deep meanings hidden in these parable teachings. True followers of Jesus who are good with online tools can enter the joy of the Lord with these two affiliate programs, as it costs $0 to start as a registered affiliate, says the ministry spokesperson.

As an additional perk, the company is offering 50% affiliate commissions on 40 Parable handbooks, 40 parable CDs, and 40 parable DVDs to assist members in building their own online parable ministries. The ministry claims Jesus quotes many are called, but few are chosen. They have highly proven new e-tools that followers can effectively be cloned to grow their own online parable ministries. It also offers an all-encompassing parable ministry kit that contains a fully functional 40 Parable website clone, a fully functional 40 Parable 1 hour 24/7 automated webinar clone, and a ready-to-go YouTube Channel clone all for new licensed affiliates.

Worldwide Publishers LLC is the producer of “The 40 Parables,” a one-hour, life-transforming documentary narrating 40 parables of Jesus in the KJV. It is ready for weekly worship in small or large groups either at home or at a hotel on big screen hosting free parable feasts Saturdays 6pm with 2 to 200

“40 Parables of Jesus” a new YouTube channel has several HD videos

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