Matexcel Released a Wide Range of Biodegradable & Tissue Engineering Material Products

April 27 17:30 2022
Matexcel recently announced the release of a wide range of biodegradable & tissue engineering material products for research use.

New York, USA – April 27, 2022 – Matexcel, a leading service provider in material science for worldwide customers from both academia and industry, recently announced the release of a wide range of biodegradable & tissue engineering material products for research use.

In the past 100 years, the development of biodegradable materials has helped advance the innovation of tissue engineering technology by making such materials more feasible, which has led to technological breakthroughs and new clinical applications.

The field of biomaterials science has facilitated the development of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. In order to make tissue engineering research more applicable to the clinical environment, it is recommended to consider the following key elements when searching for or designing new materials for transplantation: biodegradable materials, stem cells or supporting cells, growth factors or cytokines, cell matrix, and regenerative microenvironment.

Up to now, Matexcel provides over 45 kinds of biodegradable & tissue engineering material products to assist scientists with their research. Products include: PLGA Electrospinning Microspheres, PLGA Cell Culture Microspheres, PLA Cell Culture Microspheres, PLGA Granule, PLA Granule, PDLGA Granule, PCL Granule, PVA Electrospinning Material, PVB Electrospinning Material, PVP Electrospinning Material, PAN Electrospinning Material, PU Electrospinning Material, PA6 Electrospinning Material, Hyaluronic Acid Electrospinning Material, Chitosan Valve Tissue Engineering Material, Collagen Valve Tissue Engineering Material, etc.

“As new biodegradable materials and tissue-engineering methods are continuously emerging with progress in the fields of material science, biomedical engineering, and tissue engineering, we are focused on providing solutions to meet scientists’ needs as they transition from the bench to the clinic.” Said Johnson, one of the representative speakers from Matexcel. “By adding the biodegradable & tissue engineering material to our portfolio, we can now support scientists to achieve more in their research.”

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