Michael Terrell Williams To Star In The Feature Film “Noir Saw”

April 27 17:54 2022
Actor Michael Terrell Williams is set to star in the highly anticipated movie “Noir Saw”.


Michael Terrell Williams, American actor, and model is looking to make a splash this summer with the release of the feature film  “Noir Saw”. The up-and-coming actor is expected to be the Lead in the film which is set to be released this June. 

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Michael has always had a love for acting and desired to be on the big screens for as long as he could remember. In a recent interview, the budding actor gives insight into how he first got into acting. “I began my acting career by enrolling in improvisational courses at Bacone College. My theater instructor at the time urged me to pursue more opportunities in acting, and this inspired me to start modeling and take up theater performance classes.” Since then, Michael has gone on to be featured in several movies. In 2019, he was cast as a lead in “Grow Up”, a coming-of-age movie.

Michael shares his experience while filming the soon to be released movie “Noir Saw”, “Noir Saw gave me the opportunity to show that I can do any genre. Noir is the type of man that believes in what he is doing is right. However, the powers that be around him thinks otherwise. Ultimately, Noir finds himself fighting an uphill battle of what’s real and what isn’t”.

Michael also plays Jake in a film called “A Dark Destiny” which is set for release in 2022. In addition to being an actor, Michael is a screenwriter who wrote the screenplay “Leave” a movie released in 2021.

In “Noir Saw” his latest movie, Michael Terrell Williams shows his versatility as an actor and is more than up to the challenge that playing such a role requires of him. This is hardly surprising since Michael believes in his craft and is committed to expanding his acting career with each new role.

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