Meet Grublr: A Better Way to Decide Where to Eat

April 27 19:24 2022

MIAMI, FL – APRIL 27, 2022 – Less decisions, more food. Grublr is here to make deciding where to eat a whole lot easier. The modern world is full of countless restaurants catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets that would be unthinkable only a few years ago. But, let’s face it: it can be a little overwhelming — especially when trying to decide on something to eat with a group of friends or a hungry significant other.

The founders of Grublr, Zach Wight (CEO) and Nick Yi (CBO), are pictured at COTE Miami – March 2022.

That’s where Grublr comes in. It provides a convenient way to cut down on time spent deciding where to eat, letting diners get down to what matters: the food and the experience. It also aims to build a community of food lovers who can interact and share their personal reviews of restaurants.

It works like this: once a user has downloaded the app and created an account, they simply let Grublr know what kind of food they’re after, and the app takes it from there. It will then bring up a range of restaurants that fit those preferences based on your location. The user can then browse and filter restaurants by cuisine, location, price, dietary restrictions, and more. 

Similar to how popular dating apps work, Grublr lets users swipe through restaurant profiles and dig deeper for more information like menus and reviews. Then, when they see something they like, they can swipe right on a restaurant to add it to their “Decide List.” Lists are capped at seven restaurants to encourage quick decision-making. Then, when it comes time to choose, they can either choose from their list of 7 restaurants or “roll the dice” and let Grublr choose for them. This kind of laser focusing and timely decision-making can make Grublr a must-have in situations where preferences and diets can make it tricky to find the right spot to eat.

On top of the app’s core offering of expedited dining, it also houses a social component for foodies to interact and share their thoughts and opinions. Users create profiles similar to social media platforms, complete with pictures and bios. Additionally, users can view/like/comment on other users’ restaurant matches and likewise on reviews. And all of this lives on a scrollable social feed that will feel familiar and intuitive. This clever component has the potential to grow into something fairly unique as there aren’t many social platforms that revolve exclusively around food — something Grublr’s founders, Zach Wight (CEO) and Nick Yi (CBO) are particularly excited about.

Expanding on their concept, Nick shares that “we believe Grublr will make the dining experience more social in the sense that people will be more inclined to share and post what and where they’re going to eat.” Zach adds that “the world is lacking a social media platform dedicated to food. Grublr provides this to users while creating a space for foodies and casual diners to share their pleasant and not so pleasant dining experiences with others.” 

Grublr will be launching on iOS and Android in 2022. Visit to learn more.

About Grublr

Founded in 2021, Grublr is the brainchild of Zach Wight and Nick Yi, a pair of friends who often found themselves in the all-too-familiar position of spending more time deciding where to eat than actually eating. Overwhelmed with choices and often frustrated with the time wasted, they decided to do something about it. Grublr is their solution.


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