Ultrascope Stethoscope delivers the ultimate gift for med and nursing students this 2022

April 28 00:18 2022
The Ultrascope Stethoscope provides superior cardiology acoustics – especially in noisy environments and outstanding performance – making it an excellent gift for busy medical students to help make their daily lives easier.


Ultrascope Stethoscope takes personalization to the next level with customized stethoscopes, which are excellent gifts this 2022 for medical and nursing students constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. 

“An important tool for many med school and nursing students is a stethoscope—and it can be pretty expensive. That’s where Ultrascope Stethoscope comes into the picture. Families and loved ones can save their medical student that cost by buying a solid one from a reputable brand – all made extra-special when they customize it with the med student’s name, a quick message, or a meaningful symbol,” a representative said. 

Ultrascope Stethoscopes has led the charge in bringing custom, sound-isolating, and colorful stethoscopes with hundreds of unique designs, over 30 years of cardiology-level acoustics, and a lifetime warranty. 

Family members who want to surprise their loved ones studying medicine or nursing can turn to a custom Ultrascope and use a picture of the person’s favorite pet, hobby, or art. The team behind Ultrascope will help design a truly customized stethoscope med students will surely love. 

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For med students with high or low-frequency loss in either ear, families and loved ones can gift them the Classic Ultrascope, which helps improve what they hear from their scope. 

Luna Elsie, a recent customer, got her custom Ultrascope with a Dalmation image on the item. “Just like I wanted it! Thank you so much,” she wrote in a review.

On the other hand, Joey Garza, a nurse from Texas, says his pediatric patients love it when they get a glimpse of his personality just by seeing his Ultrascope.

“I love how my pediatric patients’ behavior changes upon seeing a design on the stethoscope – it makes the experience less frightening for them,” Joey wrote in a separate review.

Kate Farmer, meanwhile, received the Ultrascope as her graduation gift in 2008. She says, “It has by far been the best quality stethoscope I have ever found.”

The Ultrascope delivers superior cardiology acoustics optimized for noisy environments from a lightweight and durable device hand-painted to display each med student or nursing student’s personality and interests.

The Ultrascope team uses its optic grade acrylic, allowing for the customization of the head to match each med student’s personality. The acrylic also doesn’t echo sound like a typical medical stethoscope. 

In addition, the Ultrascope Stethoscopes’ new and improved stainless steel binaurals provide a wider interior diameter for better sound flow and work perfectly with both its screw-on ear tips and the legacy push-on ear tips with the threading. 

Among the best-sellers include Glitter & Sparkly Bling Stethoscope, Tie Dye Stethoscope – Watercolor Designs, Sapphire Galaxy Stethoscope, Paw Print Stethoscope, Cat Dog – Single Stethoscope, and Twilight Stethoscope. 

Family members who want to design their stethoscope and give it as a gift to a loved one for an upcoming birthday, graduation, or any occasion may visit the website. Others who wish to learn more about Ultrascope Stethoscopes may check out its social channels for more information.

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