Day Traders making money during the pandemic

April 28 00:27 2022
The 2022 Annual Day Trader Pulse Survey results have arrived. The only global survey of Day Traders.

The team at Inteligex are delighted to announce that the results of this year’s Annual Day Trader Pulse Survey have arrived. The pandemic and ensuing inflationary environment have increased market volatility and seemingly put an end to the ‘buy on the dip’ approach to trading, so this year the feedback has been even more eagerly anticipated.

The question on everybody’s lips was had the pandemic changed Day Trading behavior? Were people still trading? Were they still making money? What were the key challenges that they were facing and how do they view their trading prospects for the future?

Well with the results now in, it’s clear that global Day Traders are a determined, resilient bunch.

Day Traders are still very active in the markets. Over 60% of Day Traders are trading several times per day with 24% of them quoting that they have traded more frequently in the previous 12 months. It seems that during the pandemic many Day Traders have dedicated additional time to focus on improving their trading skills.

In terms of account size, Day Traders are serious about making money. Two thirds of them have an account of over $5,000 and 30% have a trading account of over $20,000.

Most Day Traders surveyed traded the US Futures markets, with only 14% trading Forex. It’s clear that the CME launched micro e-minis have proven to be very popular with Day Traders due to their lower price point which reduces risk and increases trading flexibility.

HOW MUCH MONEY ARE THEY MAKING? Take a look at the full results to find out more:

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