Fox News Kansas Covers Arista Recovery’s Plan To Help People In Kansas Who Struggle With Addiction

April 28 01:30 2022

Apr 27, 2022 – In a recent interview with Fox News Kansas City, Arista Recovery-Kansas director of business development, Gina Hacker, discussed the opening of Arista Recovery and their mission. Hacker explained that Arista Recovery plans to heal their clients with their Synergistic Recovery Program (SRP), a holistic approach to therapy that focuses on the mind, body, and soul.

As Hacker mentioned, Arista Recovery’s program is a blended focus of “neuroscience, exercise science, and psychology.” This is more effective than traditional therapy methods, since Arista Recovery uses science driven modalities to address the root causes of what drives people to use substances as a form of coping.

The Synergistic Recovery Program includes multiple evidence based therapies through unique methods of delivery that encourage patients to seek out new perspectives– such as Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, Horticultural Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, and Yoga. These innovative, “outside the box” therapies allow patients to break down their walls and address their repressed issues. As Hacker said, “You need to meet the person where they are.”

This is important in building trust between the patients and the staff, so that patients feel truly comfortable and can begin the process of healing. Arista Recovery is dedicated to helping destigmatize addiction, and get people the help they deserve without feeling ashamed. Since addiction is such a pervasive issue, especially in the areas where Arista Recovery is located, Arista recognizes how crucial it is to provide affordable, accessible help.

As Hacker discussed in the interview, “a brighter light has been shown on mental health issues and substance use disorder.” This has been true in recent years, especially with the ongoing pandemic, since people have felt more isolated and turned to substances to cope. With so many people feeling these effects, it has become a national conversation.

With greater light being shed on these struggles, the overall population has become more understanding of mental health and addiction struggles. Now that the stigma is being broken down, more people than ever are seeking treatment for the first time.

Arista Recovery’s innovative program is ready to change lives and start people on their new path to a brighter future. The team at Arista is fully determined to give the people of Kansas and Missouri a better perspective, which is why the opening of their two new locations has been long-awaited by the Kansas City community.

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