Former Firefighter Zachary L Green Draws on his US Marine Corps Experience to Provide Lessons for Overcoming Adversity and Hardship in Entrepreneurship

April 28 01:36 2022

Hilton Head Island, SC – April 27, 2022 – Life in the marines is one of the most demanding career paths in the US, and recruits are therefore pushed to reach an extreme level of grit and determination. The challenging daily routine that marines have to endure is the fire within which this mentality of resilience is forged.

While a different kind of battle, ‘grit’, ‘determination’ and ‘resilience’ are all attributes that are also demanded on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Giving in is simply not an option, because giving in would mean the end of the business. The mental fortitude required to manage this pressure definitely appears to overlap with the mentality needed as a marine.

One man who has extensive experience overcoming the tough challenges of both of these fields is a motivational speaker and author, Zachary L Green. Since leaving the US Marines and fire service, Green has forged a path as a successful businessman, and he now runs a $30million company.

Despite this, Green’s journey has been far from easy, and it is the lessons he’s learned through these hardships that he aims to share with fellow entrepreneurs. In the virtual and in-person speaking engagements that Green now offers at, he teaches how to cultivate an innovative business mindset, but with the grit, tenacity and discipline of a warrior. They revolve around the content of his self-help book, ‘Warrior Entrepreneur‘, which became an international bestseller within a matter of weeks.

Even though his learning disabilities made growing up difficult, he used those challenges as a way to develop his warrior mindset. Every time one of his teachers would tell him he wasn’t going to be successful, he used that as fuel to make sure he would be successful. It was in the grueling and high-pressure environment of the US Marine Corps that Green began to learn more about the mentality he would need to adopt in order to turn struggles into opportunities for growth.

Two years after leaving the Marines in 1999, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened and Zachary wanted to return to serving his country – but this time as a firefighter.

Green’s natural business acumen first shone through when he found himself struggling to find the way out of a murky, smoke-filled room as he was fulfilling his firefighting duties. He was completely lost, with only twenty minutes of air remaining.

He managed to escape before the situation became critical, but when he relayed his life-threatening struggle to his captain after the event, he was bemused to find that there was no solution to the dangerous low-visibility situations that firefighters often find themselves in. It was something they simply had to ‘get used to’.

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