Harrison-Chevalier Delivers Proprietary Negotiation Training Based on the CNS Negotiation Framework©

April 28 21:42 2022
Effective negotiation is crucial to the success of businesses. Harrison-Chevalier offers unprecedented potential for negotiation success in any situation.

Harrison-Chevalier Inc. (H-C, Inc.), a forward-thinking negotiation and mediation consultancy based in Los Angeles, has taken negotiation training to the next level with proprietary strategies designed to preserve capital, improve profitability, and reduce costs. The training is based on the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies Framework (CNSF), featuring the CNS Negotiation Continuum® – the first universally adaptable framework tailored to meet the evolving needs of today’s economic landscape. Ultimately, the goal is to keep their clients secure from market volatility and its potentially debilitating effects while promoting growth across all touchpoints.

“CNS negotiating skill and knowledge not only level the playing field, but they can also turn the tide heavily in your direction,” says Derrick Chevalier, the Executive Vice President of Harrison-Chevalier, Inc.

As a world-renowned negotiation consultant with decades of experience, Derrick is intimately familiar with all major negotiation frameworks, including Karrass, Harvard, and others. Still, the CNS framework has consistently received a top-tier evaluation from executives, the US Military, and C-level leaders. It teaches individuals to capitalize on their best assets and use what they don’t have to position themselves at an advantage in any given situation.

In his book, EVOLVE or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation for the 21st Century, Derrick deep dives into the tenets of CNS. He redefines negotiation terminologies and describes insightful strategies applicable to different levels of negotiation – from simple transactional to more complex multinational procurement and political challenges. Strategies can be scaled up or down to meet the specific needs of each business, profession, or enterprise.

EVOLVE or Be Slaughtered builds on other popular negotiation texts such as “The Negotiating Game” by Chester Karrass and “Getting to Yes” by William Ury and Roger Fisher. It goes beyond with evolved perspectives and cutting-edge approaches, unforeseen or impossible, when the Karrass and Ury and Fisher books were published.

Harrison-Chevalier’s flagship program, CNS: Evolve Live, aligns with the book. It is a powerful and highly interactive program suited for anyone who wants to upskill and challenge their existing beliefs to reach optimal business agreements. The workshop integrates mock negotiations with interactive exercises, Q&As, and other comprehensive resources.

Harrison-Chevalier’s main differentiator from other competitors is its tailored and integrated approach. Clients can choose from an array of topics & content that is best suited for their goals, and Harrison-Chevalier tailors that content to accommodate their unique challenges.

Because of this approach, several of Harrison-Chevalier’s high-profile clients in the procurement sector saw a significant increase in their ROI, exceeding their savings goals quarter after quarter.

Anyone interested in tapping into the benefits of CNS negotiation can learn more about Harrison-Chevalier’s services here: https://h-c.com/hc.

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