Cryptocurrency automated trading platform BillHunters to diversify into DeFi

April 28 23:45 2022

BillHunters Group will launch a new contract trading product in May 2022. As the world’s first NFT product aggregation platform focusing on the decentralized market, BillHunters has seized the market opportunity. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, the company decided to increase the contract trading function. Aggressive customers can choose their own products and deals. Today, the platform is not only fully functional, but also has a huge increase in the number of users. It marked a moment in BillHunters history when a new and diversified investment platform was born.

BillHunters announced the opening of the DeFi protocol at the bottom layer, integrating mainstream NFT trading platforms such as MakerDao and Compound, so that users can obtain DeFi products with the highest yields on the market. BillHunters invests the aggregated funds into major DeFi head platforms, and obtains benefits through compound interest, leverage, and position adjustment. This new model makes the transaction of regional centralized finance easier and more convenient.

BillHunters platform has grown significantly, registration is now open, and more users will actively join. Last year, the Team Club community generated significant benefits for the first members to participate in cryptocurrency investments, with an average monthly growth rate of up to 26%. In addition to user growth, the platform is taking steps to expand the platform and direction into more areas. BillHunters’ goal is to create a blockchain ecosystem consisting of DeFi, DEX, liquidity pools and NFT products.

At present, mainstream DeFi exchanges still operate in the form of mortgage lending. In a normal exchange, user transactions happen by matching buyers and sellers. However, due to the performance of blockchain technology, the matching and trading experience of smart contracts is not friendly, so another method, AMM (Automatic Market Maker), is adopted. Your counterparty is no longer a person, but a contract. DeFi has become a prominent science in the blockchain world, and it is likely to be one of the most important future directions in the blockchain world.

The company also plans to launch the DeFiExchange platform in the future, an NFT social platform for all creators, including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. Each platform has its own characteristics and independence, which indirectly increases transaction costs for buyers and sellers. The birth of BillHunters solves this problem well. Commodity trading on multiple exchanges can be done on one platform. Decentralized finance will usher in a viral development in 2022, and BillHunters will surely become an excellent platform in the DeFi market.

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