Chinese Transceiver Supplier – Halowill, one of the leading roles to supply reliable, safe and economical products and solutions to the clients

April 29 00:54 2022

The rapid development of the communication industry in China amazed the world. One can learn it from the report released by LightCounting in 2021, a well-known market research institution in the field of optical communication. Chinese transceiver suppliers occupied six of the top ten positions, more than a half. Their growing competitive power should not be underestimated.

Apart from those suppliers of the TOP 10, many small and micro manufacturers have sprung up in China, bringing great vitality to China’s optical communication industry. Halowill Networks Limited, based in Optic Valley of China, is one of them.

Compared with the TOP 10 suppliers, Halowill Networks Limited is a young player in communications, and still has a long way to go, but it also means a tremendous space for development. On the other hand, Halowill is also full-fledged manufacturer of optical transceivers because of focusing on optical transceivers for more than 10 years, launching a range of products, from 1G to 200G, and building up much experience and firm technology foundation. 

With a creative mind and great execution, a huge amount of human and material resources has been invested in R&D and QC. From the development process of the company, they put new products into the market almost every year, showing amazing power in innovation and vitality. What follows their efforts is the market’s recognition of their products and capabilities. Their 40G and 100G series products are the main selling product, especially long reach products like QSFP 40G ER4, taking growing market share in recent two years.

Halowill works intensively and is committed to providing reliable, safe, and economical products for clients all over the world, and with great ambition to be the first-class brand of optical communication. Next time they will introduce their achievements on products above 200G.

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