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April 29 02:27 2022
How a Michigan girl lost 155 lbs, became a TikTok celebrity, and helped thousands of people lose weight without giving up pizza.

Jordan LeVeck spent most of her life overweight. She was always the “fat girl” in the room with zero self-esteem, who used food as a coping mechanism – to numb out. Every time she realized she went up a pant size, she would find herself breaking down and crying in dressing rooms, absolutely hating herself. And at the age of 19, her weight went up to 299.9 lbs.

Jordan still remembers the day everything changed for her. She was crying on the bathroom floor after a so-called “friend” of hers had posted about her on Facebook and called her a “fat brunette.” At that moment, it felt like someone took her ability to breathe.

She tried to hide from what had happened to her body, at her own hands – hiding behind clothes, food, sadness, and bad decisions. But there it was, on Facebook for everyone to see. What she hated the most about herself was broadcasted for the world to judge.

But right then and there, Jordan got up and made the decision to never give anyone else the power to make her feel small – not even herself. And along the way, she learned the lies that the diet industry has been feeding people, especially those struggling with accepting their bodies.

“You don’t have to starve yourself, exercise non-stop, or eliminate foods you love to lose fat,” says Jordan. “You deserve everything you dream about. Rock bottom can be a very powerful place to be – because there’s nowhere to go but up. Stop listening to the voice in your head that says you can’t. You can have it all. Also, you have a nice butt.”

After realizing that getting healthy shouldn’t suck and finally getting the math right, Jordan went from 300 lbs to a personal trainer and nutritionist. She went from living out of her car to creating and running a multi-million dollar business. She went from being unknown to having a whopping 1.1 million followers on TikTok and becoming an Amazon bestselling author.

Today, Jordan’s social media marketing and fat loss courses have helped thousands of people create their dream businesses and learn how to love their bodies. Not to mention she has a family, a life, a career, and friends she loves – to which she has unending gratitude for.

But if there’s one important thing she has learned throughout the process – it’s that motivation isn’t required. Jordan realized that what fueled her in the beginning wasn’t self love, but self hate – as dark as that may sound. For change to happen, Jordan believes that people should stop waiting to believe in themselves. The trick is to start before one’s ready. To take one shaky step at a time. Belief before evidence. Action before belief. Repeat forever.

Find out more about Jordan’s story and how her courses can help people get in the best shape of their lives while still having a great relationship with food. Visit the Jordan LeVeck LLC website at

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Jordan LeVeck LLC is a company that offers online social media marketing and fat loss courses. It was founded by Jordan LeVeck, a personal trainer and nutritionist from Michigan who became viral on TikTok for her weight loss story and healthy lifestyle.

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