Leibel Sternbach, A National Security Advisor Certificate Holder & Enrolled Agent with the IRS Releases New Course to Help Maximize Social Security Benefits

April 28 23:52 2022
As a Financial Advisor and Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor, Leibel Sternbach Offers an On-Demand course for retirees seeking to understand and get the most out of their Social Security Benefits.

National security advisor certificate holder and accredited portfolio management advisor, Leibel Sternbach, is delighted to announce today, that anyone who is interested in discovering how to maximize their social security benefits, retire with confidence, and secure their financial future has a new option available. Leibel is releasing a new course for retirees that will provide substantial guidance to help retirees make the best Social Security filing decision possible.

A report co-authored by former Chief Economist for the SSA, titled “The Retirement Solution Hiding in Plain Sight”, claims only 4% of retirees are making optimal filing strategies. The report goes on to state that retirees are losing out on an average of $110,000 per household.     

The widely quoted financial advisor, Leibel Sternbach, affirms that his goal is to assist people minimize losses and maximize returns during retirement. He adds that he teaches clients to make the best financial decisions for their future and educate retirees on how to maximize their social security benefits, and ensure they are making the strongest financial decisions.

“My mission in life is to help people retire with confidence and peace of mind. I firmly believe that finance is simple and that it is people who make it complicated.”

Leibel Sternbach is an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, a National Social Security Association Advisor certificate holder, a Chartered Financial Consultant through The College of Financial Service, and the founder of Yields4U.com. Since 2007, he has been educating retirees on how to secure their financial futures.

Additionally, Leibel has written books on business and finance, and his advice has been featured on Forbes, CNN Business, Reader’s Digest, MarketWatch, Investor’s Business Daily, Think Advisor, among many others.

The information divulged in the Social Security Maximization Course promises to teach interested parties how to maximize lifetime benefits and learn about the social security benefits retirees are entitled to, in order to get all that is deserved. The course is said to also reveal strategies for reducing taxes on your benefits and retirement income. 

“I have taken everything that I know, and I have condensed it into a simple to use guide and on-demand course. In this course, I take you through the questions you need to ask, in order to get the most out of your Social Security benefits.”

To anyone who is overwhelmed by social security, confused by all the options, and wondering about the best option to work with, this course is for you.

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