Cryotherapy Toronto refutes the claim that Whole Body Cryotherapy, widely used by many professional athletes, works largely via a placebo effect.

April 29 16:42 2022
“A placebo effect is a psychological reaction where the brain tricks the body into thinking that a fake drug or treatment is real when in reality, it is not.”

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Roman Gersh and the team of Cryotherapy Toronto refute the claim that the whole body cryotherapy, widely used by many professional athletes, works largely via a placebo effect.

Celebrities and professional athletes like the NBA superstar and professional basketball player Jimmy Butler have been raving about the Whole Body Cryotherapy as an effective alternative treatment for pain relief and accelerated injury recovery. A person stands alone in an individual-size capsule-like enclosure that is open at the top. With the torso and legs exposed to frigid temperatures while the head remains above the enclosure at room temperature, the blood gets oxygenated and endorphins released. The person gets a natural immune system boost that leads to a long list of health benefits ranging from better night sleep and improved metabolism to pain management for chronic diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Yet, despite some of the best cryotherapy results reported by loyal cryo users, some studies conducted on the effectiveness of cryosauna treatments concluded that the improvements felt by those who used them might have something to do with a placebo effect.

For instance, one UK study of 31 marathon runners who were assigned to a Whole Body Cryotherapy group, cold-water immersion, or a placebo group showed that the placebo was just as effective as cryotherapy in helping the athletes recover. The best cryotherapy results came from the effect of their perceptions of training stress, but the physiological impact on structural damage or inflammation markers wasn’t greater than the placebo.

It is a metaphysical fact that their thoughts materialize, so their bodies can even heal themselves with the right mindset.

However, why do some cryotherapy clients with severe chronic or acute pain feel practically no familiar pain for several hours after their first session?

Is it implied that they suddenly awaken the inner healer in themselves within 3 minutes of being inside a cold capsule? And so they come out with an ability to maintain the pain-free state for hours while having no experience with their mind control related to self-healing prior to the short session? It sounds almost mystical.

Roman Gersh, the owner of Cryotherapy Toronto, the go-to cryo spot for well-known athletes, including the NFL and other celebrities, located in North York, Ontario, doesn’t mind a bit of mysticism. Being one of the first companies to introduce Whole Body Cryotherapy to the Greater Toronto Area 8 years ago, he is used to turning skeptics into believers.

“We consistently observe accelerated recovery in our clients’ conditions,” he says. “Yet, we do not guarantee that cryotherapy will provide you with a pain-free feeling for 8 hours after only 1 session. We clearly explain to you during your free consultation session that regular ongoing treatments are necessary for lasting results and that results depend on numerous factors, including your condition and overall health situation. But based on our real clients’ feedback, our cryosauna must offer the world’s greatest placebo effect if it turns regular folks who live regular lives that don’t always include repeating daily healing mantras into mind-control experts in under 3 minutes!

So there you have it! If you want to try awakening your mind control superpower while freezing your body for 3 minutes inside a cryosauna, come in for your “placebo effect” cryo session at Cryotherapy Toronto!”

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