Innovators of New Era Finance: Domino’s Multi-dimensional Technology Collection

April 29 16:51 2022

From the long-term perspective of human development, the emergence of blockchain technology is the embodiment of human free will, and it is also the general trend. Through science and technology to promote the development of civilization, the future society will be the overall connection of blockchain. At present, the global market value of encrypted digital currency is about 200 billion US dollars, and the highest is 830 billion US dollars. However, compared with off-chain assets, this is only a drop in the ocean. The tokenization of off-chain digital assets and physical assets is an important direction for the development of blockchain technology. I believe that as more and more assets are transferred to the blockchain, open finance will become the mainstream in the future!

Domino creates Concur+DAO+NFT 3D integrated ecosystem

Domino comes from the Deep Web, a trusting social cornerstone operating system developed over six years by the originating anonymous community spontaneously established by Hal Finney’s followers, which is a multidimensional technology aggregate of the fourth generation blockchain technology group that can combine 5G, AI, Big Data, VR and other technologies with blockchain as the underlying layer. In addition, Domino represents an ecological architecture and fintech concept, an anonymous person who builds a trust society and represents an ideal trust society form.

DMO is the platform pass of Domino, which is the first Concur+DAO+NFT innovative “can only buy but not sell” economic model. DMO is a standard Token issued based on NFT technology. DMO represents many valuable rights and interests of the platform. It is applied and circulated in the Domino ecosystem. DMO plays an important role in the Domino system and works with global users to promote the smooth operation of Domino!

Innovators of New Era Finance: Domino's Multi-dimensional Technology Collection

Domino will build a technology platform that benefits global blockchain developers and users, support as much data, software and distributed application resource calls, programs, etc. as possible to run on the chain, and establish a friendly chain interface for all chains. Provide necessary and sufficient services and interfaces on the development.

Domino platform’s four main features-decentralization, autonomy, orderliness, and intelligence

Domino blockchain self-organization management platform helps enterprises improve their internal management system, enhance operational efficiency and build a new type of decentralized, free collaboration and self-management production relationship based on trust with the help of blockchain, algorithms, consensus mechanism and smart contracts, which enables organizations to move from negative and zero-sum games to positive-sum games in the process of governance and business development, and helps enterprises form an automatic and It helps enterprises to form an automatic and autonomous efficient management model.

Feature one, distributed and decentralized: Domino does not have a central node and hierarchical management structure, it allows each team or individual to become a node in the platform through bottom-up interaction, competition and collaboration between network nodes, everyone is equal and will not be treated differently because of different positions, weakening the center of personal interestism, and achieving a harmonious competition and common development within the enterprise.

Feature two, autonomy and automation: “code islaw”, the organization is no longer pyramidal but distributed, power is no longer centralized but decentralized, management is no longer hierarchical but community autonomy, the organization no longer needs a company to run but is replaced by a highly autonomous community.

Innovators of New Era Finance: Domino's Multi-dimensional Technology Collection

Feature three, organization and orderliness: relying on smart contracts, DAO in the rules of operation, the responsibilities and rights of participants, as well as rewards and punishment mechanisms are open and transparent, which will allow the organization to save a large amount of human resources costs, through the integration of scattered resources and information, they will be centralized and used to enable the orderly development of the entire organization.

Feature four, intelligent and pass-through: pass-through (token) Domino as an important incentive in the DAO governance process, the various elements of the organization pass-through, thus making the full integration of monetary capital, human capital and other factor capital, to better stimulate the effectiveness of the organization and achieve the flow of value.

Domino’s three major technical advantages – blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum

First, decentralized cross-chain transaction technology: In order to overcome the limitations of single-chain structure, Domino adopts multi-chain parallel structure. Domino’s parallel multi-chain mechanism: Domino can lead multiple master chains, each of which is responsible for a specialized business area, independent of each other and interrelated, with less coupling between the master chains, so that it can play the advantage of parallel processing, introduce sealing strategy for process blocks, and archive overdue data historically to improve system processing efficiency. The Domino multi-chain structure can meet different types of complex business needs in the real world.

Second, artificial intelligence technology: Domino adopts Identity identification module to ensure the security of transactions. On the other hand, the UTXO model can be used to transparently track the history of each transaction through the public ledger and handle concurrent transactions. In addition, the POS consensus mechanism is utilized to promote the benign development of the entire ecosystem. Thus, Domino perfectly combines the advantages of Bitcoin and Ether and addresses the inherent flaws of both.

Innovators of New Era Finance: Domino's Multi-dimensional Technology Collection

Third, quantum technology: quantum computers use quantum bits. Quantum computers can beat traditional computers in seconds thanks to two unique quantum effects: quantum superposition and quantum entanglement. In addition, the information processing process of quantum computing is the Mississippi transformation, the reversibility of the Mississippi transformation makes the quantum information processing process of low energy consumption, can be another key technology from the principle of modern information processing – the problem of high energy consumption.

In the future, Domino’s ultimate goal is to build a new financial system architecture, create new value symbols, establish new consensus and trust logic, realize decentralization and disintermediation, eliminate monopoly and inequality, and build an intelligent trust society! It is believed that Domino will become the innovator of finance in the new era by creating the ecological system of Concur+DAO+NFT in three dimensions, and Domino will create a new financial world!


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