Dan Hollings’ The Plan Reviews – Real User Results Shock Crypto Enthusiasts in 2022

April 29 15:50 2022

Dan Hollings recently launched a new crypto trading training program designed for upcoming crypto investors. The program is titled “The Plan” here, it is created by Dan and his Successful Students Here to help anyone who wants to generate passive income through crypto trading. 

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The Plan is built on an automated rule-based strategy and Dan Hollings and his team claim that it delivers consistent positive results for the investors. The most attractive feature of Hollings’ strategy in The Plan is that the profits are credited directly to the investors’ accounts. “The Plan strategy utilizes Bitsgap, a trading software system, executing hundreds of transactions each day for the cryptocurrency coin. When the bot buys or sells coins, users will make micro profits from each transaction”, added Jason Fladlien from Rapid Crush’s team.

The key to profitability is to set up automation with Dan Hollings’s exact rule-based strategies while trading, the software makes hundreds of transactions per minute, resulting in multiplying the profitability each day. Dan Hollings and his team have carefully curated The Plan’s course in association with leading experts who have put in their expertise to provide high-quality content for the best price possible.

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“Dan Hollings’ new strategy is different from the traditional ‘buy low, sell high’ methodology. It doesn’t involve complex trading skills, and it can even work if the market is down. The best thing about The Plan coaching program is that investors don’t need to know anything about ‘trading’ or crypto to get involved”, said Jason Fladlien, Dan Hollings’ former student and partner.

“Beta students of The Plan shared that the courses gave them everything they needed in one place: from understanding how cryptos work to using indicators, Grid Trading* Analysis expert method, and automated trading bots”, added Jason Fladlien from Dan’s coaching team.

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“Traditional investors or experts in the same field often try to time the market by buying low and selling high, which is actually quite high-risk. In fact, it is estimated that people lose money more than 90% of the time using more traditional methods.”

Grid Trading*: Grid trading bots are a simple strategy when it comes to crypto trading, and it involves buying low and selling high. These bots place buy and sell orders based on a specific lower and upper and if the asset’s price jumps below the specified limit, it isn’t going to execute any more buy orders.

Cryptocurrency trading is a “hot commodity” now among young trading enthusiasts as it is very volatile and generates unlimited profits on good days. With increasing popularity of the crypto currencies, even working professionals and retired people have started taking interest in it as a source of generating extra or passive income. “The Plan launched by Dan Hollings is a training course that teaches new to expert users how they can generate passive income with cryptocurrency bots, using a hands-off approach”, said Jason from Dan Hollings’ team.

The strategies used in the crypto training course, The Plan, are tested by Dan Hollings and all his students. They have made hundreds of thousands by just setting up the codes on their system and sitting tight while the software executed trades for them.


The price of The Plan By Dan Hollings price is set at $3,497 when paid in One Payment. However, the program does offer a split payment option of 4 installments of $997, paid every 30 days.

Dan Hollings spent more than three years perfecting The Plan which has seen more success than any other program of its kind since it went live in June 2021. The program is perfect for anyone who wants a better understanding of crypto trading and a safe place to learn how to trade crypto by minimizing the risk of losing money with complicated crypto trading platforms.

Interested ones can find out about the price structure and the program details by visiting the official The Plan reviews website mentioned in the details below.

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