Towards to the world’s first inclusive finance exchange, and the financial map of MTX led by Miro Kolesar is gradually emerging

April 29 20:14 2022

In the current world, financial institutions are one of the cornerstones of society, but modernization is required to keep pace with challenging and rapidly changing times. Keeping up with and exceeding changing customer demands, changing regulatory requirements, and addressing increasing cybersecurity risks while reducing costs will require a dramatic shift. Over the next 2-3 years, enhancing operational agility and flexibility will be the top priority for banks and financial institutions. By reshaping business models and promoting operational transformation, “extreme digitization” will become the core of future finance.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is such a change, an emerging cryptocurrency innovation on the rise that breaks the shackles of banks and borders to create a new Internet-native global financial ecosystem. At present, DeFi has begun to reshape global finance, and projects developed based on this concept such as MakerDAO/DAI, Compound, and 0x have achieved certain success. From stablecoins, decentralized exchanges, wallets to payment networks, loan and insurance platforms, key infrastructure construction, marketplaces and investment institutions, there is no doubt that DeFi has now taken over the DApp ecosystem and has become a new outlet in the blockchain world.

I. Transforming in change, MTX Exchange towards to the world’s first

In such a major trend of transforming the global financial industry, MTX exchange, led by Miro Kolesar as CEO, broke through the siege, with the PAMM documentary trading system as the core, combined with decentralized technology, and stood out from many competitors. Possessing two major licenses of American MSB and Cayman Islands, it profits from contract asset management documentary, quantitative trading and joint market value. It has five core advantages: the world’s top financial supervision, the world’s top quantitative team that brings together the world’s elite, the world’s leading historical performance income, professional, intelligent and efficient trading PAMM system, and the industry’s first fund segregated trust and cheque. MTX Exchange has set the goal of being the first in the world since its establishment.

“Only the top One can survive”, Miro Kolesar is well aware that in today’s global economic integration, the competition in the financial industry has already been fierce, and those who fail to do their best will be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, the MTX Exchange focuses on the core of documentary trading. It is supported by the resources and strength of METAX Group, and is ensured by applications such as public chains, DAOs, DeFi, wallets, quantitative funds, and digital asset management in the ecosystem. Miro Kolesar is very confident to build MTX Exchange into the world’s first inclusive finance exchange, providing all users with the most diversified financial products and services.

II. Practicing truth in practice, Miro Kolesar never forgets his original intention

Looking at Miro Kolesar from the vision of the MTX Exchange, it is not difficult to know that he is a leader with great pursuit and practical action. Miro Kolesar graduated from Middlebury College, majoring in Financial Management. Before joining the METAX Group, he worked in McKinsey’s companies in Europe, North America and Singapore for a long time. He served as the Director of McKinsey in Europe, served as the Deputy General Manager of each branch in the North American market of BNP Paribas, and the Head of BNP Paribas in North America. From 2006 to February 2011, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of North American Financial Holdings. Miro Kolesar is particularly good at building a leading business innovation platform and advanced business model with an international professional team, promoting technology, model innovation and application in the financial field, so as to further deepen the strategic development and implementation of METAX FinTech.

Let more people benefit from finance, rather than making finance a tool for a few people to make money is his lifelong dream. This idea coincides with Andrew Carnegie, the founder of METAX Group. After years of painstaking cooperation between them, MTX Inclusive Finance Exchange is finally born. Inclusive finance is a major event that benefits the people’s livelihood and the general public. Traditional financial institutions are a new force in the development of inclusive finance. In the past, due to objective constraints, the development encountered many difficulties. The MTX Exchange can attract users through the documentary trading system, allowing users to benefit from it and enter the METAX financial ecosystem, so that people’s lives and finance are inseparable. This is the goal that Miro Kolesar has pursued throughout his life.

III. Inheriting the past and linking the future, Miro Kolesar leads MTX forward

Relying on a contactless, online, intelligent, and decentralized digital inclusive financial service system to provide online, convenient, safe and reliable inclusive financial services to the global public, the future of MTX Exchange is full of challenges, but Miro Kolesar has full confidence and certainty. After nearly 30 years of engagement in the financial field, he has long understood the operation of the entire ecosystem and system, not to mention that at the time of change, combining finance with the blockchain technology he has researched for a long time.

Miro Kolesar insists on developing scenario-based financial business with leading technological capabilities, building core competitiveness, and building a complete MTX financial ecosystem. Combined with various financial products around the world to build an MTX trading platform, providing quality assurance for DeFi financial products through intelligent documentary and intelligent capital asset matching, and solving the pain points of retail investors’ difficulty in investment and return, so that everyone can enjoy financial services. So, Miro Kolesar decided to lead the MTX forward.

Under the strategic background of diversified development, Miro Kolesar’s exploration on innovation of inclusive finance has never stopped. With the team’s superior technical capabilities and risk control level, as well as the attraction and control of high-quality targets, Miro Kolesar will continue to integrate the financial ecology into application scenarios with data capabilities and technology chain, empowers partners and platforms, and builds a new highland of value.

MTX Exchange inclusive finance exchange.

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