Stone Launches Their Investment Casting Service

May 10 22:28 2022
Stone Launches Their Investment Casting Service
Investment Casting
Stone Industrial, a mechanical company in China, launches their new service, which is investment casting.

Stone Industrial launches their new service, which is stainless steel investment casting. Stone Industrial is a Chinese mechanical company headquartered at 712 Shi Dai Guang Chang, No. 2 Zong Fu Lu, Chengdu, China. The representative of the company explained, “We are a group of engineers and companies in one-stop mechanical industries. We have been in these mechanical industries for 20 years.” Through the 20 years of journey, Stone Industrial has become one important character in supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and solution providing.

Recently, the mechanical enterprise has launched their service, which is investment casting or also known as lost wax casting. The representative of the store explained, “Investment casting is a process of precision casting that provides flexibility in designs as well as significant cost benefits. This casting process requires pouring  some molten metal into a mold that is created by using a wax model. This is why it is also called wax casting.”

When the mold has been made, the wax model is melted and dried away. The main benefit of this casting method is it can make forms that are more complex. It can even make forms with undercuts. Moreover, the process of steel investment casting results in a very smooth surface that is created without any parting line. This is something that cannot be avoided in other processes. The process of combining some parts together to get the complex form can be removed, thanks to the new alloys developed.

These newly developed alloys allow for more intricate parts to be cast. This will lead to time saving and money saving, as well as reduce the chance that an error could happen while combining the parts by assembling or welding. The representative of the store said, “Investment casting is a great choice to produce a wide variety of products across divergent industries and various types of alloys and steels.”

With this method, there is no need for designers to carefully think  about the production of the casting they already visualized. Go to the official website of Stone Industrial to find out further information. You can contact them via phone, fax, and email. To grow and spread their service, Stone Industrial also has filiales in Germany and the United States of America. The US filiale is in Suite 1200 Richardson, Texas. While the German filiale is in Am Boscheler Berg 4b Herzogenrath.

Media Contact
Company Name: Stone Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Song Xiaopeng
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 28 8666 2034
Address:712 Shi Dai Guang Chang, No. 2 Zong Fu Lu
City: Chengdu 610016
Country: China

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