Tashkent mayor sets an example with Ramadan charity campaign at the start of a Muslim holy month – local media reported.

May 12 01:15 2022
Jahongir Artykhodzhaev has been setting an example for Uzbekistan by personally listening to the problems of the needy in meetings held on a daily basis during the month of Ramadan.


California – May 11th, 2022 – Jahongir Artykhodzhaev, the Governor and Mayor of Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent, kept the spirit of solidarity and charity alive by helping the needy during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. People from all different backgrounds and age groups met with him and he listened to what they had to say. In his words, “I was very impressed by their ideas about solving social problems.” 

His public pronouncements regarding charitable works were also well received by many Muslims across the country, particularly those underprivileged people who did not have much opportunity for charity work outside their households. 

“Listening to the people in Tashkent is always a priority, especially in the Holy month of Ramadan,” said Jahongir Artykhodzhaev, Tashkent mayor, “It’s our role to listen carefully and intently to help, whoever is in need, to fulfill their requests and live a good life.”

Tashkent residents who approached Artykhodzhaev sought all sorts of assistance, including financial, medical, educational, and more. He personally listened to the problems of the needy in meetings held daily during the month of Ramadan, this way, he can hear their problems and find solutions to them. The mayor even spent from his own pocket at times when the laws restricted providing the assistance sought by residents. 

For instance, he donated a two-bedroom apartment to a woman who adopted three kids from an orphanage and was paying rent. He also donated a car to a former chess champion and provided medical funds for sick and disabled people.  

Artykhodzhaev also provided seven-year scholarships to girls who passed the university enrollment exam but could not afford it. A disabled female student also received an electric wheelchair. Unemployed Tashkent residents also approached the mayor for jobs and did not leave empty-handed during the holy month. 

In addition, there is also an initiative for providing water aid at mosques outside Central Asia – one mosque among many being built across China today as part of allocating resources towards such projects. There are even numerous cases where men working under ministerial positions help out financially whenever they can find another way around paying taxes or purchasing agricultural produce.

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