Universal Language Production Announces the Release of “Are You Awake?” by Pierce Alexander Lilholt

May 11 23:44 2022
Through the right questions asked in the right order, Pierce Alexander Lilholt’s new book will get readers thinking strategically to improve their lives

Universal Language Productions is pleased to announce the release of Pierce Alexander Lilholt’s new book titled Are You Awake? in which Lilholt attempts to provide thought-provoking and well arranged questions for the readers. The goal is to engage a revolutionary thought pattern in readers which is essential in helping them make better, more informed decisions and improving their quality of life.

Speaking about the book, Pierce Alexander Lilholt had this to say, “Are You Awake? might be the only non-fiction book that does not contain a single fact. I call this style of writing ‘deductive questioning’ because I believe ‌people will learn from the right questions asked in the right order.”

Are You Awake? will inspire readers to re-evaluate every aspect of their lives from their interactions with others, to their relationships with friends, family, and co-workers, to their career choices, and much more. The book contains thousands of thought-provoking questions that will cause readers to examine everything with a fresh perspective.

It took author Pierce Alexander over three years to finish writing this book. He has made sure to arouse the reader’s attention. As long as the readers maintain an open mind and willingness for change, Are You Awake? will trigger every sense of urgency they need to instigate a change in their lives. The book is undoubtedly a transformational masterpiece made with a deliberate intent to provoke and challenge the reader.

Are You Awake? is available on Amazon and Bookbaby. To get the book, please visit https://amzn.to/39710Q5 or https://store.bookbaby.com/book/are-you-awake.

About Pierce Alexander Lilholt

Pierce Alexander Lilholt is a prolific writer and world-renowned philosopher. His latest book, Are You Awake?, is a collection of questions which are designed to help the reader become better and change their lives. For further inquiries, send an email to comcooperative+areyouawake@gmail.com.

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