Eyebrows Speak Louder Than Words with Effortless Beauty Clinic

May 17 17:39 2022
Eyebrows are the art of all expression

Eyebrows are what frame the face. They are likely to be the first thing someone looks at. Whether it is realized or not, permanent eyebrows can completely transform a person’s facial features. If eyebrows are over-plucked, patchy, or sparse, then permanent brows can take years off someone’s life.

Eyebrows are the art of all expression.

Today, there are so many different techniques and styles to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming as to which one will suit an individual’s skin best. So, let’s take a look at some styles.

Microblading: Microblading is the most natural-looking style of permanent eyebrows and the original technique everyone has come to know and love. By using a manual tool, individual hair strokes are applied to the eyebrows with a natural pigment to give a natural, fluffier look. It is an ideal treatment for those who prefer a less ‘made-up’ look and don’t often wear a lot of makeup. Not ideal for those who suffer from oily skin as this can potentially blur the individual hair strokes; however, microblading is suited to other skin types.

Combo brows: Combo brows provide the best of both worlds and are the ultimate brow treatment. Powder brows and microblading combined create the most beautiful defined yet natural brows. The inner part of the brow is feathered with the microblading tool and the tail is filled using the powder brow technique to give the perfect definition. Combo brows last even longer than microblading and are suited to all skin types.

Powder brows: Powder brows are the closest someone will get to mimicking the use of brow powder or a pencil. They are a much bolder brow where the pigment is applied across the brow area. Creating definition and depth, it results in a more made-up, glamorous look. Although an incredibly defined brow, the final result will appear a much softer, powdered look once healed. The artist will blend a pigment, making it bespoke to the client to complement their skin tone. Again, combo brows are suited to all skin types.

With permanent eyebrows, the client has to trust the healing process. It can be quite the emotional roller coaster due to the scabbing, the color fading, coming back, etc. However, after the first official treatment, no one will have better-looking brows once the touch-up has been completed.

Like any treatment, the correct aftercare procedures should be followed to maintain longer-lasting results. Be patient while healing and look after them to the best standard. As previously stated, eyebrows are likely to be the first thing a person will notice so it is important they are taken care of.

Before anyone goes ahead with permanent eyebrows, research needs to be carried out to find the most skilled PMU artist. If anyone is located near Austin, TX, then Georgia at Effortless Beauty Clinic is the perfect place to go.

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