5 Steps to Increase the Quality of Sleep

May 31 03:51 2022

All sleeping routines are different and unique, and our sleep is influenced by tons of various factors that may negatively impact sleep quality. However, everyone can encourage better sleep with these five simple tips.

#1: Taking Time To Set The Right Atmosphere

Every room in every apartment or house has its purpose. It’s tempting to grab some snacks from the kitchen and munch on them in a cozy bed, but in doing so there’s a high risk to blur the brain’s perception of what the bedroom is for. Thus, it’s preferable to buy thick curtains that block the sunlight when necessary, invest in a color-changing light bulb, and hide all that may remind one of anything but sleep. 

#2: Putting All Thoughts in Order

When in bed, many people remain overstimulated by all of the events they’ve lived through during the day. Thoughts about a to-do list for tomorrow, analyzing old fights to find wittier answers to arguments are worse than any earworm. To stop this unnecessary stream in one’s head, some of the best things to do include writing out whatever comes to one’s mind and meditating for at least 5 minutes before sleep.

#3 Say “yes” to sleep accessories

The slightest noises can influence sleep quality, and it doesn’t necessarily mean waking up because of annoying sounds. This study suggests that upon hearing extraneous sounds, human sleep becomes fragmented, which can result in a drowsy feeling in the morning. That’s why even for those who aren’t light sleepers it’s recommended to use noise-canceling earplugs and sleep masks.

#4 Choosing Comfortable Earplugs for Sleeping

The market is oversaturated with earplugs of all sizes, shapes, and colors, which may take one aback at first. However, there are two most widely used types of earplugs that every individual can easily choose from. We’ll take a look at them using earplug examples from PQ Earplugs, one of the bestselling earplug brands on Amazon operating since 2016.

Foam Earplugs

The PQ 40 Small Foam Ear Plugs come with a minimalistic box design, including a small convenient carry case and the PQ ear plugs. These particular small earplugs are positioned as the ultimate noise-reducing earplugs for the smallest, the tiniest ears. Concerning the size, the dimensions of each PQ small earplug are 1,1 cm at the bottom, narrowing down to 0,7 cm at the top, while the height is 2,3 cm. With a wide base and a narrow tip, the plugs provide an easier fitting in the ear while giving a reliable seal. Hypoallergenic memory foam from which the plugs are made is soft and pleasant to touch.

The PQ Small Foam Plugs are rated to 32 dB NRR, which means they’re going to block out a medium degree of sound. For individuals who have small ears, these plugs will give a tight seal without excessive pressure on the ear canal. Additionally, small foam earplugs are durable and one box of these can last for more than 140 days.

Wax Earplugs

PQ Wax Earplugs are officially rated to 32 dB NRR (noise reduction rate), which is the same as PQ Small Foam Earplugs, for example. They reduce all medium volume sounds, including snoring, neighbors chatting or roommates talking on the phone. They differ from regular small foam earplugs in the unique moldable formula that allows adjusting wax earplugs practically to any ear size.

Wax earplugs stay in the ears firmly, softly covering the ear canal to create a noise-canceling vacuum. As for wearability, one pair of PQ Wax Silicone Earplugs can last about 7-10 times.

An additional benefit of using wax earplugs is that they’re waterproof, meaning that kids and adults can wear them not just for sleeping, but also for showering and swimming.

#5: Developing a sleep schedule

Depending on the type of circadian rhythm, human beings are considered to be either owls or larks. It’s imperative to follow one’s inner instincts and try to set aside at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day should help maintain this sleep schedule.

Final thoughts

When it comes to a sleeping routine, there’s always room for improvement. Practicing meditation, setting the right atmosphere in the bedroom, and choosing appropriate wax or foam earplugs will help anyone get better sleep.


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