All Ages of Geek’s New Sci-Fi VTuber Web-Series “Galaxy-Boy Delivery” for Kids Coming Soon

May 31 05:42 2022
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All Ages of Geek, in collaboration with the upcoming, independent production studio Stec Studio and creators around the world, is ready to launch its Sci-Fi VTuber web series, “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”.

“Galaxy-Boy Delivery” is the company’s first original VTuber web series designed for every geek from 12 years and older. The series will help kids and families explore pop culture, gaming, and a fictional universe filled with life lessons for all ages.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery is an interactive show we hope kids of all ages can enjoy together with their families. There’s a need for more online web series for the 9-12 age range. This series will help kids and parents interact with the characters and plot to help build writing and creativity skills.

We created this series because as sisters who grew up with the 90s and 2000s shows like Rugrats and Powerpuff Girls, we wanted to bring back that spark of shows we used to have back then.

Viewers can expect many inspirations from Steven Universe, Star Wars, Adventure Time, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Dragon Ball, and Super Sentai.

We are excited to share this project with the world and hope you go on space adventures together across the galaxy.” – Katya Stec & Tatiana Stec

Galaxy-Boy Delivery will also support kid’s literature (KidLit) authors of middle-grade fiction by featuring reviews on All Ages of Geek.

Show-Runners Katya Stec and Tatiana Stec have worked with talent from such as but not limited to Japan, The Philippines, and Indonesia to materialize every concept woven into the series. This is to ensure that every family engaging in the series will take great value from it but also to showcase talent from around the world.

Greatly inspired by HoloLive, the VTuber and VTuberEN Community, Anime, and video games like The Legend of Zelda, and cartoons like Steven Universe and Adventure Time, the series will be entertaining but educational for more edutainment programming.

“Galaxy-Boy Delivery” will air two times a week on All Ages of Geek’s YouTube channel but as it gets funded on Patreon it will be in high demand for more production.

For more information, visit and follow All Ages of Geek on Twitter @AllAgesofGeek

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