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May 31 15:10 2022

What Is an AGM Battery

In the battery industry, a word often heard is AGM battery, but in fact, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is to add AGM separator paper between the positive and negative plates and is a type of sealed lead acid battery, which will help the battery acid absorption after adding this separator paper. The rapid absorption, so the performance will be superior to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Pros of AGM Battery

1. They don’t spill easily.

2. Their output power is relatively high.

3. They have a shorter charging times.

4. They have a long lifespan.

5. They are of better quality and more durable.

6. They are less prone to sulfate formation than conventional wet batteries.

Cons of AGM Battery

1. High cost of battery production.

2. The energy is relatively low, the use of equipment is limited, and it cannot be used on a variety of equipment.

3. The capacity will gradually decrease and the charging time will be longer.

4. Overcharging or charging voltage will shorten the battery life.

AGM Battery VS GEL

How AGM Batteries Work?

First of all, you need to know that the AGM battery is a VRLA battery (sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery), because the AGM battery is a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. When charging, it will chemically react with lead to produce hydrogen and oxygen, which will be discharged from traditional batteries, but The AGM battery will prevent the gas from leaving, directly preventing the reduction of water, and when the pressure is too high, the gas will be exhausted, preventing structural damage to the battery.

Choose Gel Battery or AGM Battery

In winter, the power of AGM is more durable than gel battery, because under extreme working conditions, gel battery’s colloidal thixotropy makes him lose power faster. Gel battery will not release acid gas, while AGM will have a small amount of gas, Gel battery is a real green power source. In terms of price, AGM batteries will be cheaper than gel batteries. In the field of life and charging, the sales of AGM batteries are also higher than those of gel batteries, and they are best used in harsh environments.

The Best AGM Battery

To sum up, AGM battery is a good choice, if you choose AGM battery as your product, thenTCS AGM battery guide will help you choose the best AGM battery.

1. Odyssey PC680

The first one best AGM battery to recommend is the Odyssey PC680 Battery, first because of its deep cycle process, which allows it to cycle up to 400+. The discharge is up to 80%, and the battery life is longer compared to the same type of battery. Secondly, because of fast charging, it can be charged in 4-6 hours under normal circumstances, which is the one with the highest charging efficiency on the market. Of course, in other aspects, flexible installation, anti-overflow design, compression and shock resistance, high temperature resistance These are also well done.

2. XS Power D6500

If you want to choose a battery with ultra-low internal resistance, then the XS Power D6500 is a good choice.

Ultra low internal resistance.

Super long service life.

Ultra wide installation in any location.

Super Absorbent Glass Mat.

Super fast charging.

Each of these can be a reason for you to choose best AGM battery.


Starting a vehicle is a sad thing in winter, especially where it snows. But a high-performance maintenance-free battery like this, with cold cranking amps, can help you start your vehicle better in harsh winters. It basically has all the advantages of the design structure on the market, such as AGM does not need to add water, good sealing, but its price may be a little more expensive, but this does not prevent it from becoming the favorite AGM battery, and YUASA is a trustworthy The brand and popularity are also very wide, and it is one of the most famous battery brands in the world.

4. Qty 2 VMAX SLR155 Vmaxtanks AGM Deep Cycle Batteries 

The first color that comes to mind when seeing this battery is green. Because this is a leak-free battery, no matter where you install it, it will not produce harmful gases and elements, and it is safe and stable even by air and sea.

Weight: 90 lbs.

AGM technology to speed up electrolyte absorption.

The life of the design float is 10-12 years.

The deep cycle process enhances the number of cycles.

Premium military custom board.

The Best AGM Battery That Must Have a Place.

5. Kinetik HC600

This is an excellent AGM battery at 11.8 lbs.

ABS shell, resistant to stamping and high temperature.

Well-sealed, leak-tight and leak-proof on any rough road, allowing you to have more peace of mind and focus on your vehicle.

Ultra low SER, multi-pole plate, high energy density. Can power devices up to 600watts stress-free.

In application, it can even be used as lawn mower battery, audio system battery.

If you want to buy best AGM battery this will be a good choice.

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