Narimane Labbane, one of the most influential automotive journalist and influencer

May 31 15:48 2022
Narimane Labbane, one of the most influential automotive journalist and influencer
Narimane Labbane, one of the most influential automotive journalist and influencer
In light of shifting consumer perception, the time is now for marketers to go all in on auto influencers and get ahead of the game in the evolving car-buying landscape, as the car-buying landscape naturally evolves. How it comes if this auto influencer is Narimane Labbane! Yes, Narimane the first woman to be an automotive journalist and influencer.

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is one of the largest buying decisions a consumer will make. As such, automotive industry brands need to consider how they educate potential buyers to help them make the most informed decisions possible. From brand awareness to eventually driving off the lot, automotive influencers with a dedicated and engaged following are the perfect partners to help retailers steer car-buyers through the customer journey. 

Automotive influencers are known to set trends. whether they’re simply showing off their new alloy wheels or sharing their experiences test-driving a brand-new Mercedes SUV, these guys have the power of Influence. If you can persuade them to try out one of your cars, their trendsetting skills can help a car brand sell more vehicles.

Narrowing down Instagram accounts of the most influential automotive journalists and influencers of all time is not an easy task at all. There are various automotive journalists and influencers all over the world who were able to have great influence on their followers’ choices. But when it comes to Narimane Labbane, the case is unique and different. Why?! Narimane Labbane is the first Arab woman to become an automotive journalist and influencer of her age.

Narimane is a renowned influential automotive icon and blogger who charms her followers with her Instagram content. She is a well-known Auto aficionado who knows how to make good eye candy through her eye-catching and marvelous posts of her experience driving a new car or pictures of cars from events she has been invited to share in.

Billions of people turn to social media for news, recommendations and entertainment, in her turn Narimane has gained over 666K Followers, from all over the world, who were highly interested and influenced by her Instagram content. she was able to establish credibility and audience by virtue of her trustworthiness and authenticity in every single product and brand she has recommended.

To follow up and discover her content, you can simply scroll in her Instagram account “narimanelabbane”

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