P2E.Game is launching a Web3 Platform that Integrates SocialFi, GameFi, and NFT

June 28 03:33 2022

In early 2022, P2E.Game was launched by a group of blockchain-based Game enthusiasts and NFT collectors and introduced one-stop GameFi and NFT information aggregator. After six months development, P2E.Game was officially launched with four sections, Launchpad, Game Library, NFT Aggregator, and News, providing the most comprehensive knowledge about IDO/IGO and presenting the game strategies that players find most helpful.

P2E.Game’s core team is composed of senior gamers, investors, and geeks to create the best GameFi and NFT tracker to present to players and investors by combining the Blockchain, traditional game, and innovative economic mechanism.

P2E.Game launched SocialFi ecology to reshape the relationship between players, platform and projects, where players also have the right to build their own communities and influence. P2E.Game will also start DAO governance to link the community ecology, and create a win-win ecology for players, platforms and projects.

P2E.Game will also unveil the airdrop plans for global expansion. At present, P2E.Game has reached strategic partnerships with many famous NFT and GameFi projects, building a strong alliance in multiple dimensions. After six months, P2E.Game has 100,000 seed users .In the next global expansion, P2E.Game will build an open, transparent and free user-friendly aggregator platform.

On P2E.Game, players can find the scores and comparisons of different launchpads on various dimensions such as platform token price, market cap, TVL, IDO projects number, ROI.

P2E.Game has launched innovative E2E products through effective Web3-sense of marketing to help projects find their target audience in the P2E social system, conducting more effective marketing strategies and build user pools based on users’ behavior.

In the Game library, P2E.Game has aggregated more than 95% of the GameFi projects and set up Spotlight to showcase high-quality projects. Users can find games based on its market performance, project progress, social score and other factors that P2E GAME deems indispensable to determine whether a project worth attention.

In the NFT aggregator, P2E.Game has collected information on the whole ecology of past,current and upcoming NFT projects and launched rankings, providing a comprehensive comparison of projects in terms of TVL, market cap and other aspects from different dimensions.

P2E.Game launches a one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform to provide players with all-round guidance and latest news to help them access the metaverse more easily.

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