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August 16 15:24 2022

Under the background of the ongoing evolution of the epidemic, the fragile recovery of the world economy, and many other factors in international investment and trade, HopingClub, as a vane of the Wall Street investment, has shown the world’s top business sense in the global investment field in the past six months, making its high profile.

The HopingClub Guild Elite Forum was held online today, focusing on the theme of “New Opportunities for International Investment under the New Development Pattern”, combining with the new trend of global investment promotion, discussing the profound impact on the global economy of building a new development pattern with the main economic cycle and the international online and offline double cycle promoting, promoting hot issues such as the construction of a new global investment situation under the great changes, to jointly built investment confidence, and promote win-win results.

The recovery of world economic is still very unstable with uncertain outlook. The epidemic has caused a severe impact on the world economy and global cross-border investment. HopingClub and Asian investments have achieved contrarian growth, which not only strongly boosted relevant growth and economic gains, but also added impetus to the recovery of the world’s economic.

As an investment forecast expert, the business sense of HopingClub not only showed great advantages in shorting European stocks, but also had taken leading opportunity in the Asia layout and NFT fields, which made the constant doubling and continuous growth of revenue in 2022.

“The world has undergone major changes, and we need be more forward-looking, more resilient adaptability, and active investment agility in finance to cope with the ever-changing situation and make direction predictions. And this is the time for all of us to collectively demonstrate our extreme sense of money and opportunity” Carrick Mollenkamp of HopingClub delivered a speech at the Elite Forum.

There are unlimited opportunities and possibilities in Finance investment, including opportunities for global opening, growth and innovation. HopingClub is carrying out research and exploration of global blockchain technology and achieving economic digital development, exploring more deeply into the field of NFT and deepen cooperation with REVA in the second half of the year.

“The more unstable and uncertain, the more it is necessary for all parties to strengthen cooperation.” said Koby. Sadan, the co-chairman of HopingClub, “HopingClub is actively building a new development pattern, exploring the high-quality investment directions, and promoting high-quality development and income.”

HopingClub has made great profits in Shorting Europe in Wild Investment Plan and gained great benefits in cooperation with REVA in the field of NFTs, which is the glory and pride of the HopingClub, but it won’t be all the transcripts of the HopingClub in 2022.

Actively investing in Asian strategies, promoting new investment trends and new investment patterns, the Business sense of HopingClub has been constantly praised. Its advanced layout and grasp of opportunities have made Wall Street pay more attention to HopingClub.

“Amid the contraction in global foreign direct investment in recent years, the Asian market has performed well, especially the Chinese market, indicating that cross-border capital is unanimously optimistic about China’s prospects.” said the Asian market development elites of HopingClub, China may open up to the global world on a wider scale, in a wider field, and at a deeper level, creating a business environment that allows foreign companies and financial institutions to develop with peace of mind, which is an opportunity that HopingClub must seize and cannot miss.

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