BEST Inc. Offers Quality Circuit Board Rework and BGA Replacement Services

August 16 16:15 2022
BEST Inc., a top electronics company, offers circuit board rework and BGA replacement services.

Electronics projects involving printed circuit boards (PCB) or soldering require that technicians are cautious and precise in their procedures. BEST Inc. is an electronics company with trusted and well-trained technicians who can handle several PCB or soldering projects. The electronics company is committed to providing services including solder training, PCB rework/repairs, and soldering tools. Through their highly professional and certified IPC soldering technicians, they provide their clients with standard services for complex BGA repair/reballing and PCB rework/repair. They specialize in different electronics work and ensure to employ industry-standard tools and equipment in their procedures. Their goal is to offer clients and customers services that are peerless and in line with their needs. Some of their services include rework and PCB repair performed on SMT pads, traces, gold fingers, SMT repair, edge connectors, flip chips, connectors, BGA reballing, jumpers, wires, and broken corners.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of BEST Inc. commented, “Our electronics company consists of a team of IPC certified technicians who are one of the best in the industry. With a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, they ensure that all reworks are completed PCBs and BGAs accurately. We guarantee clients of an excellent job at all times. Our company is also a training platform for technicians of other companies, and we have various certification courses available. With custom courses, we are also able to train technicians on PCB rework and hand soldering processes.”

At BEST Inc., they provide standard BGA repair and rework services. Ball grid array (BGA) devices often require reworking when the gold fingers get scratched, the plating is worn, or if they are contaminated with solder. Another problem these devices can have is damaged or missing BGA pads. In repairing contaminated BGA, the contaminated areas need to be stripped down to the bare base metal and replaced to meet the specified thickness.

BEST Inc.’s technicians apply an electroplating procedure that makes damaged areas on a BGA appear new, with functional conductivity and durability. More so, to repair damaged or missing pads would require that the defective or missing pads are replaced using an IPC recommended standard, which involves the use of customized adhesive-backed BGA pads that are bonded to the board surface. Organizations in need of a BGA replacement service can contact BEST Inc.

The spokesperson added, “The services we render are affordable and highly professional. Our PCB rework services are handled by professional and certified technicians. So, if you have a high volume PCB repair or SMT rework, a complex rework or PCB repair process that needs developing, a complex board reworked, or a physical repair such as the replacement of a trace, laminate, or pad, you can reach out to us. We have close to 20 years of experience providing PCB repair and SMT rework services. You can also be sure that we use standard tools in all our operations.”

BEST Inc. provides its clients and customers with friendly and trusted customer services. Companies in need of an effective circuit board rework process service can reach out to them.

About BEST Inc.:

BEST Inc. is a trusted electronics company that focuses on PCB rework/repair, BGA reballing process, and solder training & tools.

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