Indian Visa For Belgian, Italian, Swedish and Spanish Citizens

August 16 13:06 2022

Indian visa for Belgian Citizens

Belgian citizens can also apply for an Indian visa for Belgian citizens through online mode. If you’re applying for an eTourist visa then you can choose the validity of 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or 5 years where a visa with 1 month of validity allows only 2 entries during the validity period.

You can also apply for an Indian visa for Belgian citizens for other purposes like business, conference, medical treatment etc. eConference visa is only valid for 1 month.

General Information for Applicants:

  1. If you have recently visited Pakistan then your application might be rejected or you might be called for an in-person interview to the Indian embassy.
  2. Only two medical attendant visas will be granted against one medical visa.
  3. You’ll have to apply for an Indian visa at least 4 days before your scheduled flight.
  4. Visa processing fee is not refundable and it is country specific. Also, an additional 2.5% of visa processing fee will be charged as bank transaction fee.
  5. You’ll have to carry a copy of eVisa and two blank pages for stamping.
  6. Indian visa for Austrian citizens and Belgian citizens is non-extendable, non-convertible & not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted and Cantonment Areas. That means once you applied for an eTourist visa, you cannot convert it to an eBusiness visa. So, select your visa type wisely.
  7. It can take around 2 hours to update the visa processing fee payment. And if you still face any problem, you can contact the help care.
  8. You must carry the Covid-19 vaccination certificate during your travel. And if you are not fully vaccinated, you’ll have to carry a covid-19 negative report.

Indian Visa for Swedish Citizens

Swedish nationals and residents can visit India for tourism, business, conferences, yoga, courses, seminars, commerce, humanitarian projects, and other commercial efforts with the Indian visa.

Swedish people can pay for their online Indian Visa for Swedish citizens with Euro or any 135 other currencies, including Debit/Credit/Paypal, or any combination of these. An Indian visa is simple and quick to get for Swedish nationals. It takes a few minutes to submit an online application for an Indian visa using a straightforward payment option.

Indian Visa for Italian Citizens

An Indian visa for Italian citizens may be obtained swiftly and simply. By filling out an online form and making a simple payment, you may apply for an Indian visa for Italian citizens online in just a few minutes. You will be informed if extra information, such as a copy of your passport, is needed after submitting your application for an Indian visa for Italian nationals. You may either upload it later or reply to their email with it.

Eligibility conditions for pre-application

Travelers must have passports at least six months valid after arriving in India.

Your passport must contain two blank pages to get entry and exit stamps.

  • Visitors to India are required to have an eTourist visa at all times while they are there.
  • An Indian eTourist visa application must be accompanied by either a return or an additional flight ticket.
  • The tourist visa is suitable for 90 days in the country.
  • The eTourist visa cannot be replaced by any other type of visa.
  • The 90-day maximum stay length for holders of the eTourist visa cannot be extended.
  • An Indian eTourist visa can only be applied for twice per calendar year.
  • Travelers possessing diplomatic passports or other foreign travel documents cannot acquire an Indian eVisa.
  • An Indian eVisa application must be submitted with a passport, regardless of the applicant’s age.
  • Children cannot be listed on a parent’s eVisa application.


India visa, though online is a very cumbersome process you need to not only enter every single detail about yourself but also you need to enter the details of your parents, spouse and also your travel history. There are about 200 columns which you need to fill and add to that the server crashes when you are in the middle of your application can be frustrating.

So keep all the information about your parent & spouse including their passports ready and ask them to be prepared to hear from you when you are applying for India visa.

The documents that you will need for India e-Tourist visa is :

  1. Passport front and back scanned copy.
  2. A passport size photo soft copy in a white background
  3. Parents (both mom and dad) information
  4. Spouse’s information
  5. Port of entry in India
  6. Work related information
  7. A valid COVID Insurance. (You can apply below)

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