“Beyond D-Day Blunder” by Som Ajir, A Book Proposes a Commentary on Socioeconomic and Political Narratives

January 25 16:32 2023
A novel that breaks away from the norms and conventions and proposes a brilliant commentary on the socioeconomic and political narratives that surround us.


Orange County, California – We live in a world built on rules and regulations. There is a system we all must adhere to. However, that system isn’t built to benefit the common man but rather the ones in power. It’s rare that you see someone step out of line and take a stance against the system. That is exactly what Som K Ajir aims to do with his novel, “Beyond D-Day Blunder.”

A novel like no other, that dares to break away from the norms and conventions we find ourselves constantly caged in. A novel that proposes a brilliant commentary on the socioeconomic and political narratives that surround us. A novel that makes you think.

You may have read many historical mystery books but Beyond D –Day Blunder is like no other. It doesn’t follow the conventional layout for a storyline but rather surprises you with it’s intellectual observations.

Som Ajir has done a brilliant job of using World War 11 as a backdrop for brewing conflicts on a societal and political scale. The story entails major significant events in history but with the authors own spin on them. Moreover, the romance is a nice touch and definitely adds a lot to the narrative.

A lot of his own beliefs are apparent through the narrative and definitely challenge the readers to think outside the box. It poses a skillful perspective on the powers to be that control every aspect of society. Moreover, it aims to educate you and really pushes you to make decisions for yourself.

As per the writer himself, “While the biggest challenge to humanity, Climate Change, accelerates, the superpowers are engaged in war posturing and territorial disputes. There may not be much ‘territory’ left except underwater! The Nations must declare War, illogical, illegitimate, & illegal.”

Whether you’re a big fan of historical thrillers or not, “Beyond D-Day Blunder” is definitely going to change your opinion. Pick up the book on your next trip to the book store and see for yourself.

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With an honororary Ph.D from UC Berkley and years of experience as Head of Management for various consultancy groups at diversified businesses, Som K Ajir has recently made a name for himself in the historical fiction sphere. His work has allowed him to travel extensively, mainly through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Through these travels, he has gained a lot of perspective and experience on the inner workings of society and culture. While he enjoys writing on various topics, his forte lies with humanistic, socioeconomic and geopolitical depth

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