From Introverted to Extroverted in 15 min? – Mind Skills by Leif Rasmussen

March 24 22:51 2023
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Leif Rasmussen is the founder of Mind Skills. A service that offers extraordinary learning experiences and give people personalised tools of the Mind to redesign their lives and explore new opportunities

Some say people can’t change, but what to do when reality is different from what some say is possible?

Over the years Leif Rasmussen and his wife has hosted 100’s of Social Events, sports events, cooking events, playdates for children and more and often new people joined as well.

Every now and then some of the new people would describe themselves as “Introverted” and mention how difficult it had been for them, to make themselves go to the event. They would be nervous, wanting to say hi to others, but too afraid to do so.

But within 10-15 min those very same people would be walking around, talking to everybody and having a wonderful time. What was the difference? People said the difference was Leif.

When you ask him what he did, he says he tells them “Everyone here is friendly and is happy to talk with you” … and then he proves it to them. “It works like magic … when you know what you are doing and how to do it”

So, what to do when you experience that reality is different from what some say is possible?
Go with reality and explore what can become possible for you .. and the ones you care about.

The ability to change your life for the better is what Leif calls Mind Skills and he trains people in how to do it, with wonderful results and happy people.

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