Aisha RH Jones’ New Book “You Are The Shift”

June 06 20:48 2023
Aisha RH Jones' New Book "You Are The Shift"

People are often overly critical of themselves. Maybe it’s because we compare ourselves and our progress to others or set unrealistic expectations that we don’t immediately attain. What we don’t realize is that each person has their own path, their own pace, or a quality that sets them apart from the crowd.

You Are The Shift, a collection of motivational quotes by the author, Aisha R.H Jones, on friendships, relationships, and self-love, is an inspiring read for people on the journey of identifying their uniqueness, while embracing self-image and personal relationships. The book focuses on bringing positive change to the reader’s perspective to help them find their true self and instill the right amount of confidence and zeal to encourage them to see the positivity around them, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Written with supreme wisdom and prowess, it is an empowering collection of quotes, all revolving around different but similar themes. And packed with just the right amount of inspiration and positive affirmations, it is just the book a people need to assist in their journey of self-discovery.

So, manifest the life of your dreams, take on a new challenge, climb another mountain (or two!), and shift your mindset away from negativity with You Are The Shift.

Unlock the strength and potential you already have inside of you to achieve your goals because the only person always there for you and rooting for your success is… you.

Get your copy at the best price at Amazon, and share a photo of your favorite quote to inspire a loved one today.

Book Name: You Are The Shift
Author Name: Aisha R.H-Jones
ISBN Number: 978-1088056677
Ebook Version: Click Here
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