Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Defendant’s Status After a Mistrial in New Article

September 29 22:00 2023
Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Bassett Sheds Light on Defendant's Status After a Mistrial in New Article

Long Island criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett has recently published an in-depth article titled ‘Is a Defendant Released After a Mistrial?’ The piece provides a comprehensive look at the implications of a mistrial and the potential scenarios for defendants in such cases.

In the first few lines, Long Island criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett defines a mistrial as a legal ruling that invalidates the proceedings of a trial due to an irregularity or error that significantly affects the fairness or integrity of the trial process. He further explains that when a mistrial is declared, the trial process is halted, and the case may be retried or dismissed.

In the words of the Long Island criminal defense attorney, “Mistrials have a profound impact on the judicial process and underscore the critical importance of safeguarding the rights of defendants. They also serve as a vital mechanism for ensuring fair proceedings and upholding the principles of justice.” He further emphasizes the importance of defendants seeking skilled legal assistance to navigate the complexities of the legal system following a mistrial.

The Long Island criminal defense attorney discusses the reasons why mistrials can occur, including jury bias or misconduct, significant legal errors, inability to reach a unanimous verdict, unavailability of a key actor, or issues with the jury selection process. He also delves into the impact of a mistrial on the defendant’s case and the potential for prolonged imprisonment while the possibility of a case retrial or dismissal is discussed.

According to Bassett, “In some cases, the court may grant a temporary release to the defendant during a mistrial. This means that the defendant can be released from custody, pending the resolution of the mistrial and any subsequent proceedings. However, it’s important to note that the decision to grant temporary release is at the discretion of the court and will depend on several factors, including the nature of the charges, the defendant’s criminal history, and the potential risk to public safety.”

The article further discusses the conditions that may be imposed by the court if a temporary release is granted and the rights and limitations of the defendant during a mistrial. Bassett also outlines exceptions to release after a mistrial, including serious offenses and public safety concerns, flight risk and the defendant’s criminal history, prosecution’s arguments against release, and judicial discretion in release decisions.

The article provides invaluable insights into the legal process following a mistrial. It sheds light on the potential scenarios for defendants, offering them a better understanding of their situation and reinforcing the importance of seeking knowledgeable legal assistance.

About Jason Bassett:

Jason Bassett is a distinguished criminal defense attorney based in Long Island, New York. With a strong background as a former prosecutor, he brings a unique perspective to his representation of clients, incorporating both the prosecution and defense viewpoints. His comprehensive understanding of the legal system, combined with his commitment to upholding the principles of justice, makes him an invaluable ally for anyone facing the challenges of a criminal case or a mistrial.



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